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The Power Acoustik PD-627B is your all-in-one solution for enhancing any vehicle interior. This unit has a plethora of features, starting with its ultra-responsive 6.2" all-glass capacitive touch screen. You can easily navigate through menus and enjoy all the features that this unit offers. The LCD screen is 800x480 resolution and supports 720p video playback. Additionally, playback from DVDs, CDs and USB ports of MP3 and MP4 formatted files, showing ID3 MP3 tag information for track and artist information, is supported.

The PD-627B also comes with radio data service information and a multi-band audio equalizer with preset equalizers to achieve the sound preferences you desire. The Bluetooth hands-free calling and A2DP wireless audio playback is functional and easy to use. It also has front and rear pre-amp audio outputs. The reverse camera input w/ trigger + SWC interface compatibility allows for added safety when navigating in an unfamiliar area. 300w 4ch MOSFET speaker outputs provide a clear and rich sound experience.

Enjoy hours of entertainment with the Power Acoustik PD-627B. It's an incredibly reliable, powerful and versatile device that will make each ride easier, smoother and more enjoyable.


  • LCD Screen (800×480) supports 720p video playback
  • Bluetooth Phone Calling & A2DP Audio Streaming
  • Media Playback from DVD/CD, USB and Aux Inputs
  • AM/FM Radio Tuner w/ Radio Data Service Information
  • Reverse Camera Input w/ Trigger + SWC Interface Compatible
  • Bluetooth Hands-free calling and A2DP wireless audio playback
  • Advanced FM/AM Tuner with RDBS
  • Playback from DVD & CD of MP3 & MP4
  • Playback from 64GB SD/USB of MP3 & MP4
  • ID3 MP3 Tag Reading for Track & Artist Information
  • 6.2″ All Glass Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Multi-band Audio Equalizer w/ Presets
  • Front & Rear Pre-Amp Audio Outputs
  • Rear View Camera Input w/ Trigger
  • 300w 4ch. MOSFET Speaker Outputs